Supporting Healthcare Clients through COVID-19 Crisis

It was unimaginable to each and every one of us... how a flu-like virus could sweep the nation and cause most businesses to shut their company doors, forcing owners and their employees to stay safe inside their homes to keep their families and others safe. In some ways, it seems like the whole world has been put on pause until the entire pandemic subsides.

But being put on "pause" is not the case for the healthcare industry. Our local hospitals, urgent care centers, and doctors offices are doing everything they can to treat and save lives on an entirely different level than they had to before. They have been our most valuable front line in managing these challenging times.

Hospitals and medical offices now have to screen and distance patients on a much larger scale than before, all while protecting themselves and other patients from infection. To do this, they require space for isolation of patients who exhibit symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

At the start of the pandemic, Helmkamp started gathering Edgeguard wall panels and negative air scrubbers from various job sites in order to hold for clients in their time of need.

Why? Because negative air machines move air from one space to another and filter through a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) grade filter which is standard for healthcare work. These are typically used on construction sites to create a negative pressure in the construction space compared to the outside active working space so that dust and debris do not flow out into the hospital, especially when doors are open. During this time, they can be used to create isolation rooms so that if a patient experiencing COVID symptoms comes in, they can be put in these rooms and the air will be moved through our filters and expelled outside. This keeps the airborne virus contained within this negative pressurized space.

As we've been notified with requests for isolation rooms from our healthcare customers, we've proudly been able to complete them within the same day due to their level of importance. Below is a picture of one of the isolation rooms built out of Edgeguard panels for one of our customers. Helmkamp has built several of these types of rooms at multiple locations, all while practicing new and increased safety precautions of our own.

To our healthcare customers and friends, we thank you for being the heroes through this crisis. We are proud to be your builder of choice and support you - not only through times like this, but every day.