Corporate Safety Prayer

“Lord, be with me today as I work. Help me to identify the hazards of my job. Help me to correct the things that I can and to shield me from the things that I can’t. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.”

Recent Safety Awards

Helmkamp Construction Company has received numerous safety awards over the years from various organizations and customers including but not limited to: NEA, SIBA, and AGC.

Current Safety Rewards/Incentives

Monthly Jobsite Safety Lunches and Quarterly Jobsite Safety Giveaways.

Helmkamp’s corporate goal is to provide and ensure a safe work environment for it’s employees and those of our owners. Our commitment to safety is evidenced by the following:

  • continuing safety education of our field, supervisory, and management personnel
  • the leadership of Helmkamp management in safety awareness and accident prevention.

Helmkamp takes all necessary precautions to protect the safety and health of our employees and those of our owners, including compliance with all safety and health laws, regulations and building codes, and all Occupational Safety and Health Standards established by any agencies of federal, state, or local governments.

Helmkamp, as part of the execution of the work, strictly adheres to the environmental, safety and health provisions and site specific policies, practices and rules of each owner for whom we perform work.

A strong pro-active safety program affects employee attitudes, quality of construction and efficiency of operations, ultimately creating an economic benefit to the owner.

Our safety program includes mandatory safety orientations by employees, field level instructions, supervisory training, systematic reporting and review, spontaneous jobsite safety inspections, and management commitment.

We promote safe jobsite performance through various incentive programs and enforce the correction of unsafe conditions or acts.

To reflect our commitment to safety, OSHA 30 hour certification is offered to all Helmkamp Construction Company management and field supervisory personnel. In addition, in order to ensure that all jobs operate with a “competent person” present, Helmkamp continually trains their employees in the following courses:

Confined Space
Crane Seminar
Scaffolding and Ladder Safety
Trenching & Excavation
Basic First Aid and CPR
40 hour Haz-Whopper
Substance Abuse
Fall Protection
Forklift Operator Training