Safety Champion of the Quarter: Superintendent, Gary Neese

We would like to recognize our Safety Champion of the Quarter – Superintendent, Gary Neese. Gary is a superintendent who has worked at Helmkamp Construction for 21 years (since 2001) and is most likely to be seen leading projects for many of our industrial and life science clients.

Gary Neese Safety Champion Q3-22

Luke LaBeau, Helmkamp’s Safety Director, had no hesitation in selecting Gary for this quarter’s Safety Champion. “Gary is a professional and a leader in our organization. He continues to lead the way by establishing and communicating clear expectations, assigning, and supporting responsibility, and consistently being a positive role model. Experience shows us that good leadership plays a role in the performance of others. Fostering this culture of employee accountability is key to our continued safety success.”

Gary says his outlook on safety is all about the defense. “Every day, my priority is making sure every person goes home safe. On the offense, we do our morning reminders about what safety measures to take with each task performed, we do the paperwork agreeing to it, but people will get by with whatever they can… if they don’t want to wear safety glasses or gloves, they’ll find times through the day to take them off. I view safety as always playing on the defensive side. I have to set expectations but then watch and manage those expectations all day long. I’d rather hold up the defensive line on safety than someone get injured.”

Gary, we are grateful for your leadership. THANK YOU for your dedication to what we value most. Keep up the good work!