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"Helmkamp starts by teaching interns such as myself the basic foundation required to be a successful part of any construction management team. One of my favorite things about Helmkamp is that they immediately got me involved in various types of the commercial construction industry. It has provided me experience and a broader knowledge of the industry to determine where my key interests and expertise lies. Working under senior PM’s that are willing to teach, help, and answer questions, directly correlates to my understanding, involvement, and it is my favorite part of this company. Helmkamp also sincerely cares about its employees. There is a true sense of family and camaraderie here that makes it a great place to work." - Eric

"I learned so much on my first project as an intern without any frustration over the 'new guy who knew very little about construction'. I could show up to the job site at any time and the superintendents were always happy to show me around and explain any areas of confusion and typical problem areas to look out for. Knowing now how busy our superintendents are on a day-to-day basis, it really shows how the team here cares about the company and its future growth." - Cole

From Internship to Ownership

Helmkamp's very own Rob Johnes initially joined Helmkamp through his college internship, which led to a successful career and eventual ownership of the company.

Learn more about Rob's journey.

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College Internship Programs

Helmkamp works closely with the Construction Management Program at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. However, we are proud to work with several universities as a resource for potential internships.

Most of our interns join the company then find they wish to pursue a long-term career with Helmkamp. Contact our office to further explore internship opportunities by using the form below.