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"Helmkamp will give you a chance to learn first hand what construction management will consist of. After learning key fundamentals from the mentors here at Helmkamp, opportunities may arise to estimate and manage real projects. There is always someone available and willing to answer any questions that come up, which is very helpful. Helmkamp is an excellent company that has given me experiences and opportunities that I am very grateful for." - Zach

"The experience as an intern here at Helmkamp has been outstanding. They teach you every aspect of being a project manager and what it takes to learn as a craftsman. I enjoy the great team we have here. They provide answers to any question I may have and help me build a foundation for myself to become successful as a project manager. My favorite part about Helmkamp is the goals they set and that everyone works together to achieve these goals. Overall, I have had an amazing time here as an intern and I could not have hand-picked a better internship for myself." - Brandon

From Internship to Ownership

Helmkamp's very own Rob Johnes initially joined Helmkamp through his college internship, which led to a successful career and eventual ownership of the company.

Learn more about Rob's journey.

Check out Rob's advice to new Project Managers.

College Internship Programs

Helmkamp works closely with the Construction Management Program at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. However, we are proud to work with several universities as a resource for potential internships.

When interns start at Helmkamp and experience our willingness to work around their school schedules, the real-world knowledge they gain, and realize their opportunities for growth, they find they wish to pursue a long-term career here. Contact our office to further explore internship opportunities by using the form below.