Project Safety Spotlight

Helmkamp Safety Spotlight: Boiler Replacement Project, HSHS

We have several key employees who understand the importance of working in a healthcare environment and strictly adhering to their detailed infection control plans for optimal patient care.

Several of Helmkamp’s project managers and superintendents are Certified Health Care Constructors (CHC) and demonstrate an advanced level of healthcare construction experience along with a commitment to and understanding of the healthcare construction environment.

However, it is also our experience across many industries that allows us to be the contractor of choice when performing industrial-type work within a healthcare facility. This is where we can leverage our team members’ diverse skillsets to successfully accomplish challenging tasks during a project.

A recent example of this is the collaboration between Helmkamp’s Project Manager, Jeremy Sneddon (CHC), Superintendent Kevin Feldott (CHC), and Industrial Superintendent, Andy Summers on the boiler replacement project at HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Safety Director, Luke LaBeau, complimented the teamwork saying:

“There were several approaches reviewed along with many unique challenges and logistics (moving the equipment with minimal clearance, mechanical room pipe obstacles, etc.) to safely get the new boiler inside the lower level of the facility and rigged/hoisted into place. Safety risks were everywhere, yet everything went smoothly due to the diligent strategic safety planning of two superintendents with different expertise who came together to make this stage of the project appear so effortless.”