Serving Clients with Out-of-State Projects

Many of our customers don't realize that Helmkamp can manage out-of-state work for them in addition to their local projects.

Having a trusted construction partner should leave you with the same feeling as wrapping up in your favorite warm blanket. A trusted construction partner means consistency, communication, proven success on multiple projects, and knowing what to expect. When you have projects in other geographical areas, sometimes it feels like rolling the dice. Maybe it's the low bidder, maybe there aren't many contractors in that area, and maybe you won't end up with the same great result you have on other projects. Either way, it can seem like you have to take a chance and hope for the best.

You might know that Helmkamp serves corporate clients in Industrial, Building, and Life Science markets in the St. Louis metro area, but did you know about 20% of all Helmkamp projects are performed out-of-state? To date, we are licensed and have managed work in over 25 states for our customers.

Although many of you reading this are based in the St. Louis area, you might have facilities in other geographical areas. We believe that peace of mind is key when you have a construction project where you can't manage it in person every day. Helmkamp's goal as your builder of choice is to provide that peace of mind for all projects, local or not, and that has proven to be successful for Tinuum, one of our industrial clients.

The customers that Tinuum serves are located all over the country. When they need to send in a contractor to do a job at a customer's facility, they count on us. They can rest better knowing the level of professionalism, safety, quality, and communication they can expect from Helmkamp being on site, than if they were to roll the dice with a new contractor for each project. Most importantly, having a trusted construction partner for both their local and out-of-state work helps them to be successful with their customers too.

Let us help with your peace of mind. If you have an upcoming construction project at a facility outside the St. Louis area, please call us or submit the form below with more details. In the meanwhile, click below to see some of the most picturesque places we've traveled to for our customers.