Things to Consider when Choosing a True Industrial Contractor

Industrial construction can be seen in two different ways. Many contractors say they do industrial construction in the sense that they can build a warehouse. True industrial contractors – or what Helmkamp calls an industrial contractor – excel in highly specialized facilities such as power plants, refineries, manufacturing plants of chemical products, and more. They install, maintain, and replace the mechanical and structural components of these facilities.

In order to perform construction services at these facilities, it takes a portfolio of industrial knowledge, project experience, self-perform capabilities, higher safety criteria, and the ability to work within turnaround constraints to keep an industrial facility operating efficiently.

Related Industry Experience

  • There should be relative experience in both industry and project type. No two projects are the same, so it’s important to discuss past experiences that relate to project requirements. Many times, there is a creative way to go about your project that was done at another site that you hadn’t even thought about. Contractors must be able to handle your project specifics with minimal downtime and industry-specific safety solutions.
  • Helmkamp has industrial project experience in the following markets:
    1. Chemical
      Food & Beverage
      Industrial Process
      Other Utilities

Self-Perform Capabilities

  • Choose a contractor who can perform critical construction activities with in-house expertise rather than outsourcing these areas, which could compromise the timeline or safety of your project. This ensures quality at every level and controls the process to improve accuracy of initial estimates and timelines.
  • Self-perform capabilities provide clients with the benefits of an accelerated timeline (we don’t have to wait for subs to handle essential tasks, so you don’t have to wait either), reduced costs, improved safety, and increased communication.
  • Helmkamp is able to self-perform the following on industrial projects:
    1. Civil work
      Steel Erection
      Excavations and Foundations
      Laser Alignment
      Equipment Installation – including Rotating and Material Handling

Range of Delivery Methods

  • Not all industrial construction companies can assist you with self-perform or construction management aspects of your project. There are many benefits of establishing a relationship with a versatile industrial construction partner.
  • Helmkamp can help deliver successful industrial projects through:
    1. Design/Build
      Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)
      Construction Management

Other “Added Value”

  • There are many factors when choosing a true industrial contractor that make a massive difference in the success of your projects. Be sure to select one that checks all the boxes.
  • Helmkamp has learned since 1938 that the following added value qualities help set apart true industrial contractors from the rest.
    1. Safety performance and reputation
      Dedicated project team
      Trusted client-contractor relationship
      Familiarity with your facility and needs specific to you
      Experience with challenging projects & creativity in offering solutions
      Easy button so you can continue to do your job and let us manage the project for you

If you have an industrial project coming up, especially one that requires keeping your facility active and operational during construction, consider Helmkamp as your true industrial contractor. In 80+ years, there isn’t much we haven’t seen.