Safety Success in 2020

Our most important initiative resulted in ZERO recordable incidents in 2019. Ensuring the safety of our employees and customers takes precedence over everything we do.

Helmkamp’s expectation is to have 100% attendance of all project managers and all superintendents at monthly safety meetings. Superintendents also encourage all other employees on the jobsites to attend.

The new technology and processes we implemented in 2019 have helped shaped and grow our safely culture. Remember, SEE a threat… FIX a threat… and COMMENT in ProCore. Continually improving our focus on removing hazards and identifying a “good catch” is a much better philosophy than potentially having a “near miss”.

Our employees’ commitment to safety and to Helmkamp is appreciated and our collective continued efforts on safety will guide the same success we had last year into 2020.

-Luke LaBeau, Safety Director

Zero Safety Incidents in 2019