Safety and the Leaders of Helmkamp

Helmkamp superintendents have a strong influence on the success of our safety program. They support and reinforce safe work practices with each individual employee on a daily basis. Our superintendents are dedicated, loyal, competitive, smart, confident, humble, organized, creative, and driven employees. Without them, the jobsite safety performance would suffer! A safe job is efficient and therefore the most profitable.

Every day part of the superintendent’s duties is to make sure that company policies are followed and that everyone behaves professionally. The superintendent is one of the most influential people on the job, and everyone on the job tends to follow his lead. A positive attitude and an honest effort becomes contagious out on the job.

Helmkamp is committed to being the industry’s best, and we are humble enough to recognize the need to learn, grow, and develop as professionals. There will always be a new lesson to learn or a new skill to acquire. Think big and you can never limit your possibilities. When committing to a course of self-improvement, obstacles will show up. A lot of times it will feel as if you’re getting in your own way. These obstacles might include:

  • Sticking with old habits
  • Staying with “this is the way we’ve always done it”
  • Discomfort of embarrassment
  • Worrying what others may think
  • Stress or time pressure
  • Success (the belief that already being good at something means you don’t have to improve)

This is only the beginning to our success. We have the talent, employees, and the commitment necessary for safety success.