Good Catch Corner

It is the nature of the construction industry to be surrounded by safety hazards that can quickly become incidents if not paid attention to. We would like to acknowledge our team members for being safety-minded at all times, regularly finding and addressing safety concerns in the field. See this quarter’s Top 5 “good catches” as reported by our crew below:

  1. “The access ramp to the boiler room was covered in snow and no salt had been applied so we shoveled the ramp and pathway clear and applied salt to make the pathways safe.”
  2. “While pouring concrete with conveyor truck, had to back truck into a tight spot. Had multiple spotters keeping an eye on the driver to make sure that the conveyor did not come into contact with anything when adjusting truck position. Great work guys.”
  3. “Crew took time to route all cords and leads overhead to prevent trips.”
  4. “Rebar sitting on stairs could fall below. Asked Iron Workers to move it.”
  5. “Researched, found and acquired the best option for safety glasses that don’t fog when wearing masks. They made a huge difference when wearing while working.”