Super Safety Spotlight

Safety is always our most important value at Helmkamp. Every single other area of our business comes AFTER safety is addressed. Here, we’d like to spotlight a recent example of how our team went above & beyond in terms of safety.

Helmkamp recently performed a large excavation in preparation for setting a large, complex foundation at a Midwest U.S. refinery. Where ladders or ramps would have normally been used to enter/exit the work area, our superintendent was concerned that the amount of traffic from laborers going up/down ladders with tools and equipment several times a day for several days was not the approach we, at Helmkamp, wanted to take. He directed the build and installation of six wooden stairwells around the foundation. The client was so impressed with the enhanced safety, they claimed it should be the “new standard” for protecting workers during this type of work moving forward. Kudos to Helmkamp superintendent, Andy Carroll, for being a safety champion in the field!