Making Educated Construction Decisions

Construction buyers typically have several different construction needs, from specialized work to renovations to constructing new or additional facilities. How do they know which general contractor to count on for which project? While construction buyers have some understanding of what most general contractors in their area can do, it is not safe to believe they know everything about the capabilities of the contractors they use.

Here are a few reasons why it is crucial not to make this assumption:

  • Diverse expertise: Well-established general contractors like Helmkamp often have a broad range of knowledge and experience in different construction projects. Their capabilities may extend far beyond what businesses are aware of or have used them for previously. For example, a company may think a general contractor only handles specialized work in industrial facilities. Still, that contractor might also have experience in large commercial building projects, healthcare facilities, laboratories, or equipment installation, and they are capable of helping you with several different types of scenarios.
  • Evolving industry: The construction industry is dynamic, with new technologies, techniques, and regulations constantly emerging. A good general contractor will stay updated with these efficiencies, enabling them to offer additional services, expertise, or even enhanced communication throughout the project that construction buyers may need to be aware of. Assuming complete knowledge about a contractor's capabilities may cause you to overlook potential innovative solutions or miss out on cost-saving opportunities.
  • Customized solutions: Long-standing general contractors can tailor their services based on the unique needs of each project and client. Their capabilities often scale to your more significant needs so it’s important not to assume you know the size of their workforce, access to specialized subcontractors, partnerships with suppliers, or if their safety culture and practices can sustain through larger projects. Construction buyers are welcome to engage in detailed discussions with Helmkamp to better understand our full range of capabilities and how we can meet (or exceed) specific project expectations. We’re often able to provide a tailored solution that the business hasn’t even yet thought of.
  • Niche specialties: Some general contractors specialize in specific sectors or types of construction projects completely unrelated to projects they’ve previously performed at your facility. By assuming you know everything they are capable of, construction buyers miss out on engaging the contractor who could have been the perfect fit for their individual project needs.

To avoid missing out on what Helmkamp can do for you, we encourage thorough discussions to answer any of these questions you might have. When our customers have questions about their upcoming projects, we often find that our extensive cross-market experience and full portfolio of capabilities allow us to offer creative approaches and be a solution-oriented construction partner to your business! We want to ensure you get the accurate information needed to make decisions based on actual expertise.