Who’s Your Pre-Construction Partner?

Often, companies overlook the value of having the construction team as part of the pre-construction planning. Good pre-construction can ensure project expectations are defined and delivered, safeguarding the success of the entire construction project.

For instance, did you know that Helmkamp has a team of people focused on assisting customers with their pre-construction efforts? Our Director of Pre-Construction will work with your dedicated Helmkamp account manager and estimators to help bridge your expectations with the architect's design through expert constructability reviews, value engineering, and realistic feedback regarding impacts to the proposed project's schedule and budget.

Helmkamp's expert constructability reviews offer its customers the ability to mitigate change orders and RFI's, as well as propose cost-saving alternatives. It allows us to identify obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent design errors that could cause delays in schedule, as well as optimize and plan for enhanced safety on the job site.

Value engineering services during the design process also help our customers weigh the cost-to-benefit ratio of a project by having Helmkamp make suggestions for alternate building methods and materials that can improve the overall value of the project to the owner.

Some of our customers prefer to tap the "easy button" and utilize Helmkamp as their overall construction management partner. Due to the longevity of our business and the trusted relationships we've built over the years with owners, we are able to identify and meet their expectations through knowing how to drive a project to be successful across several industries. If having one point of contact to help you manage the design process, manage any scope creep, drive the schedule, and streamline costs sounds appealing to you, give us a call. We are happy to be of assistance in this area.

However, if you're more hands-on but want to ensure construction can start without any hiccups along the way, consider pulling Helmkamp in to help with the pre-construction phase. Being able to evaluate and consult on all possible scenarios upfront will help avoid issues once the project is underway. The potential savings it can provide in addition to the peace of mind you'll have makes having a complete pre-construction team in place well worth it. It's a real win-win for everyone involved.