What Type of Building work do you do?

This is one of the many questions we get asked. The answer to this question is really endless. Because we are in the business of working for “Repeat Professional Buyers” of construction we usually do anything our customer asks us to do. However, please utilize the following examples as some, not all, of the different types of building/renovation projects we have been involved with in our recent past:

Art Studios - Auditoriums - Baghouses - Banks - Classrooms - Cleanrooms - Control Rooms - Crusher Buildings - Dorms - Explosion Controlled Facility - Generator Enclosures - Golf Courses - Gyms - Hangars - Hospitals - Labs - Locker Rooms - Manufacturing Facilities - Maintenance Buildings - Medical Office Buildings - Office Buildings - Packaging Facilities - Pharmaceutical Facilities - Schools - Seed Processing Facilities - Switching Buildings - Telecommunication Facilities - Warehouses - Waste Handling Facilities - Water Treatment Facilities - Zoo Enclosures

Our customers know we have the ability to deliver the best building project at a fair price, in the safest manner, with the least disruption, in the quickest amount of time from design infancy to occupancy, while preserving the integrity and quality of the building and the surroundings.

Challenging projects are welcomed and an everyday part of our business at Helmkamp Construction Company. Our personnel are used to dealing with; tough schedules, tight work sites, multiple shifts, special tools, unique lift plans, extreme safety planning, and usually less than ideal working conditions.

Please remember Helmkamp Construction Company when planning your next construction project!