ZERO Recordables in 2021

A few words from our Safety Director:

Now is a good time to recognize our success in safety and express appreciation to our employees that put life into our safety program. Our program is more than in compliance with company safety policies or following federal OSHA regulations. It is about how our employees manage their day-to-day operations. It’s about influencing worker behavior and controlling risk.

Helmkamp employees constantly personify and communicate a value for safety and are showing others what our company stands for. They support and reinforce safe work practices on a daily basis. Their positive attitude and honest effort becomes contagious out on the job.

Helmkamp is without a doubt an exceptional organization. At Helmkamp, there is a sense of care for one other which has elevated our level of awareness by making it personal, relevant, and important such that it impacts our choices and actions.

Helmkamp is committed to being the industry’s best, we continue to invest in safety, and we are prepared to continue our success in 2022!