USP 800 Compliant

Helmkamp Construction Company has worked on multiple projects at several hospital locations for clients who became USP 797/800 compliant by the July 1, 2018 effective date.

Our past and current experience in the hospital and pharmaceutical environments give us the expertise to help you with your needs to become compliant to USP 800 as well.

  • We can recommend a turnkey approach that includes a consultant and a design build team to take care of all your needs.
  • We have worked with many different mechanical contractors in the past on numerous labs, clean rooms, fume hoods, and negative pressure.
  • If you have already entered into a contractual relationship with a consultant and/or an A/E firm we would be happy to help with front end constructability analysis along with budgeting and scheduling to keep things on track for the installation.
  • Last but not least, should you have all of the front end work done and simply need a contractor to perform the work on your compliance project, we would be interested on pricing the project for.

Our personnel are used to dealing with; tough schedules, tight work sites, multiple shifts, special tools, unique lift plans, extreme safety planning, and usually less than ideal working conditions.

Please remember Helmkamp Construction Company when planning your next Healthcare construction project!