The Possibilities of Platforms

Work platforms are an area of construction that have a widespread need among most clients, from industrial to life science markets, and are often included in the scope of work although rarely thought about as a key part of a construction project.

Platforms primarily serve as a safety solution to workers who need to regularly access work areas and equipment from an above-ground location. There have been many times a platform was not included in the scope of work for a client but after considering alternatives to potential unforeseen issues or how employees would possibly access certain areas, they are added in. Work platforms benefit businesses in the long run and can be implemented at the suggestion of your general contractor or even early on in the design phase.

In confined spaces and well-designed work environments, work platforms help optimize the access and utilization of open vertical space. Businesses can either safely work on elevated equipment or use platforms to create additional storage areas.

When choosing the right platform for your needs, there are many things to consider:

  • What features are needed? Equipment platforms, raised walkways, stair towers, stair landings, handrails, single level, multi-level, raised mezzanines, observation rooms, etc.
  • What height and clearance is needed?
  • What material is best for your platform? Will it be for indoor use, outdoor use, or both? Is there a potential for chemical exposure or spills that could affect the material decision for your workplace?
  • What safety measures will you need? Are they up to OSHA standards?
  • How do they blend with your existing work aesthetic?

Helmkamp has an extensive portfolio of different platform types across multiple industries. In addition to fabrication and installation we also often provide platform engineering to provide a turnkey solution to access challenges. We recently completed a job where the primary work type was to renovate an industrial space by updating the coatings but the additional scope was added to provide safe permanent access to equipment and valves. Helmkamp was able to utilize our extensive platform experience to provide a successful installation to meet the client’s needs.

If you are curious about adding a platform to your facility’s workspace, contact us to take a look at platform examples we’ve done for other companies like yours.

Just imagine all the platform possibilities!