First Things First… Call Helmkamp

Many times, when we’re talking with clients about their projects or just catching up, we hear them say they have a potential project elsewhere because there’s a problem they’re experiencing. However, they don’t know HOW to go about it.

Our response is always… TO CALL US.

You might think, “of course you want me to call you… so you can get the business” but that’s not why at all. Here are a couple of examples showing why you would call us first when you have a challenging project and can’t figure out how to do it:

1. If we can come up with a solution in your best interest that results in you not even having to do the project, we have and we will.

For example, an industrial client contacted us to look at an outage project where a new transformer would be installed at a metals manufacturing plant. Upon visiting the site, Helmkamp’s millwright supervisor could see immediately that by removing the equipment lead connections, the transformer could be set with much less effort than anticipated. The client accepted our recommendation which saved time and money, but also Helmkamp’s work on the project. Ultimately, Helmkamp’s idea led to a better solution for the customer.

Because of that valuable contribution, the owner saved the cost of two millwrights, one operating engineer, and the rental of a special low overhead clearance crane, resulting in a $10-12k cost avoidance. The owner also wrote an email to us saying “Helmkamp demonstrated what a partnership is all about” and recommended us for other work.

2. We are set up to be the perfect team to troubleshoot the potential project with you.

You’ve got to hand it to us… we’ve been around a long time and have approached projects in many different ways! We have precon and estimating experts with years of cross-market experience where details from one project gleans insight into another. That diversity lends itself to outside-the-box thinking when approaching your project. It may not be the most obvious plan to you, but Helmkamp’s overall knowledge, ability to ask the right questions, then generate and execute on a plan that brings you value while keeping you operational… that’s a combination that a true construction partner can bring you.

To further prove this, here’s an example of a project we performed for one of our life science customers. They came to us with some unique challenges in their cold room where the existing ceiling, structural channels, and wood decking was deteriorating and failing. The ceiling was beginning to experience mold and moisture issues. Additionally, there were many obstacles and equipment in the way and the existing installed ladders were not safe to do the work from. They had no idea how they were going to be able to go about this much-needed renovation.

We weren’t sure how we were going to access all the areas that needed to be addressed. However, Helmkamp successfully replaced the ceiling and performed wall construction improvements to properly achieve an insulated, moisture-resistant cold room.

The customer jokes that they’re STILL not sure how we did it.

The next time you have a project and you’re not sure how to get it done – or even just want outside ideas on how it can best be done – call Helmkamp. We’ve got the ideas and solutions that can best suit your needs.