Since 1938, Helmkamp Construction has devoted a serious effort towards perfection in the construction industry by giving its customers top quality work at competitive prices. Construction quality has been the key ingredient in maintaining our customer satisfaction. We shall approach each project with the intent to fulfill every aspect of this quality assurance program. Our employees and subcontractors are expected to review and uphold the standards set forth herein.

Helmkamp Construction Company is committed to the performance of quality work on all projects. Our definition of quality is error-free construction in accordance with design requirements.

The goal of this program is to insure that the construction methods and materials employed in any project meet or exceed those specified. The accomplishment of this goal is achieved through proactive management and the testing, observation and documentation of those construction methods and materials.

Generally, the assurance and control of quality is dependent upon performing specified tests, observing performances and documenting the results. It is essential that these tests and results are an integral part of the construction operation.

The completion of quality projects is essential to Helmkampā€™s business plan of long term commitment with major industrial clients. The essence of quality is error-free work in accordance with the design specifications.

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