Tool Tape Program


The purpose of this program is to provide minimum guidelines and a recognizable visual reference/marking system for the inspection of small tools.


Annual – Each tool shall be inspected yearly by a qualified inspector and marked with color-coded tape. Annual Colors are red, yellow, and white and will rotate in succession. For example: 2016=white, 2017=red, 2018=yellow, 2019=white, etc.

Quarterly – Each tool shall be inspected quarterly by a qualified inspector and marked with color- coded tape. Quarterly Colors: 1st Quarter–Annual color only, 2nd Quarter–Annual + Green, 3rd Quarter –Annual + Orange, 4th Quarter–Annual + Brown. Mandatory marking required for all tools being utilized on the job-site. Tools not in use will only require the annual tape until they are utilized, and then the annual + quarterly will be required prior to putting into use.

Qualified Inspector – The qualified inspector will be selected by the Superintendent and will be the only person allowed to mark tools. Larger project sites may have more than one inspector.

There will be a 30 day window for marking during transitional periods. This window will be 15 days prior to and after the beginning of each Quarter. Quarters start on January, April, July, and October 1st.

All tools will still be looked over daily by the user to ensure they are in proper working order. Damaged or defective tools shall be removed from service and tagged with “Danger, Unsafe, Do Not Use” and returned to the warehouse for repairs or disposal. Under no circumstances may a tool be utilized that is in need of inspection or repair. No tool in this program shall be used on the jobsite without proper tape!

Tools in the Program

All personal fall arrest equipment including harnesses, lanyards, straps, retractables, anchors

Ground fault circuit interrupters and extension cords

Portable Power Tools -all electric, pneumatic, powder actuated, and fuel powered tools

Ladders-including drywall benches and multi-use rolling scaffolds

All rigging equipment

Welding and Burning-leads, hoses, torches, cutting/burning rigs, and machines