Client Testimonials

Projects are successfully performed throughout the complex  while maintaining respect  to patients, public visitors, and employees. I can always count on the performance and quality of craftsmen that Helmkamp employs. Their willingness to work with our infectious control personnel and the various department managers keeps our projects on time and under budget. They are exceptional in customer relations along with customer  satisfaction. Safety is always  at the top of the list with their employees.”

Frank Hann  — Gateway Regional Medical Center


“Congratulations to all at Helmkamp. Operating  under pressure seems to be your expertise  with quality, safety and cost control in mind.”

John Martine  — Engineering and Construction — Monsanto Corporate Services


“Helmkamp is often complimented by the internal infection controland safety departments for their commitment to maintaining a clean, safe work environment. They have extensive experience working with the Department  of Public Health which results in a smooth project turnover.  Helmkamp recently completed an operating room renovation  that occurred in a functioning sterile area of the hospital. Several surgeons and nurses complimented Helmkamp’s dedication and expertise.”

Stephanie Travis — Facility  and Environmental Manager Alton Memorial Hospital


“Do know we are appreciating Helmkamp Construction and your team of folks…. to date it’s been good to see the full range of expertise your company  has to offer. This includes  your front office, accounts payable, Rob and Rick and the folks on the job including your carpenter  Eric. A good strong team.”

Steve Fulkerson — Director of Facilities – Principia  College


“Congratulations on the AGC Keystone Award; One more reason why Helmkamp is our site civil contractor. Zero accidents — Great Job.”

Richard Nelson — Solutia


“Congratulations on Helmkamp’s winning the award. Your company  did a great job for us and the
Debate Commission and it is good to see your good work rewarded.”

Ralph Thaman— Associate Vice Chancellor- Washington University


“It has been  a pleasure working  with Helmkamp over the last several months  at ConocoPhillips.”

Bruce Dorris — PSM Specialist  — ConocoPhillips


“The crew has enjoyed working with the crafts and staff and hope we get to work together  on other projects.”

Gene “Radar” Rider— ConocoPhillips


“I would like to express my appreciation for the job Mike Raeber and the rest of your crew on the
Hydrogen project we are doing.”

PaulWeinmann — Construction Coordinator- ConocoPhillips


“I am very pleased  with the final product, the facility, locker room, lunch room,  and office area turned out better than I expected. Working  with Dick, Mike, and Dale Jansen made the project go a lot smoother than I expected. You have some very good people working for you. They answered our questions and concerns as the building was being built. I will definitely  recommend them and Helmkamp again on any future projects.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed I am with how Rick Verdun handled this job. Rick was very professional to work with, and he routinely checked in with me to make sure everyone was on the same page in terms of how the job was going to work. Not only did Rick get the job done in an efficient and timely manner, the clean up on the job was excellent. Please thank Rick on our behalf for his great attention to detail on this job. We really appreciate it.”

Lisa Brinley, Manager Corporate Solutions, Colliers Turley Martin Tucker


“Everything went great on your job; thankfully, we didn’t run into as much concrete as we thought we may. Mike Diuguid did an excellent job and did everything ConocoPhillips was looking for over all; I very much appreciate the work you did and will definitely help you to bid future work.”

George Bednar, Construction Coordinator — ConocoPhillips —Wood River Refinery


“Helmkamp did a great job on the project we just finished and Mike Diuguid is a great worker.”

Clair Budahl, Capital Project Construction Manager — ConocoPhillips— Wood River Refinery


“Thank you for the quick response to this problem. As always, Helmkamp has come through for us!”

Rhonda L. Asher-Hibdon, VP Director Property Management — First Bank


Thank you all. You did a great job! I have now worked in my office for three days, and my initial very positive reaction has been confirmed. It is very well designed and executed, and I love working in it. I want to thank you for making the project happen over the last six weeks, from demolition to remodeling by the September 1 Deadline. Your attention to detail really paid off!. I already feel at home. Many Thanks!”

John E. Klein — Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration — Washington University


Rob — Thanks  again to you and Greg and the rest of your team. Please pass this on to Mike Wood. His ability and commitment to resolving the carpet issue is very much appreciated and has been acknowledged by all! Thanks”

Nancy Marshall— Project Manager- Washington University


“Could not be more pleased with Mike’s help and management of the project and your rapid response.”

Dennis Krausch, Ameren


“We always consider Helmkamp for projects because of the great work Helmkamp does time and time again, at prices we think are fair, using people we respect and like.”

Tom Simmons, Director of Facilities —Arts  & Sciences, Washington University


I want to thank you for the consistently fine level of work from Rob Johnes, Rod Ferree, Rick Verdun, Greg Kohlberg, and everyone involved from Helmkamp on our Washington University and First Bank projects.”

Tim Barker, Paradigm Architects


“Your company has been so wonderful to work with at Arnold. The guys down there are TOP NOTCH! It is a joy to work with such a professional group. I look forward to future project endeavors.”

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the professionalism of your people. I am sure that we will have a long, successful working relationship with Helmkamp.”

Rhonda L. Asher-Hibdon, VP Director Property Management — First Bank


“I would like to take this opportunity, now that this project is coming to a close, to thank you and the crew that Helmkamp provided to perform this very difficult task for WorldCom. As you well know, protecting the integrity of an operating telecommunications network is paramount in today’s highly competitive telecommunications industry and no easy task. I am pleased to say that, Helmkamp met this difficult challenge successfully and in a professional manner. The skill and attitude displayed by Tony Cafazza and his crew are exceeded by none and is very rare in today’s Construction industry and needed to be noted. Thank you for a job well done and I look forward to working with Helmkamp Construction again in the future.”

Terry Metcalf, WorldCom Field Engineer — St. Louis, MO


“I just wanted to take the time to recognize the outstanding Job Greg Kohlberg and Tony Cafazza have done on the B2N project.
We have received numerous positive comments from everyone involved with this project and even from

people/occupants in the construction areas of how great and cooperative Greg and his crews have been on this job.This projects a very professional and positive image for all of us, Corporate Services and Helmkamp, when our management gets feedback like that from our clients.
Both Tony and Greg have been a pleasure to work with; their approach to safety, customer service, and attention to schedule has been outstanding.”

Thank You, Gary Wilken, Pharmacia


“The contractor is Helmkamp and the individual that runs their jobs here is Bill Bridwell. Bill is one of the most safety conscious individuals I have worked with and is a real asset to the site. They quickly installed several metal posts and strung two lines of yellow construction tape along the second tier of the parking lot to block the pathway along the hill. I was quite impressed that they responded so quickly and it looks nice. I am not even sure if they are responsible for this situation but they handled it efficiently. They responded like a Monsanto contractor should, showing good safety practices.”

Terry Shofner, Monsanto Co.


“It is often noted when an approved contractor working on Monsanto’s campus fails to meet safety requirements, but rarely noted when a contractor does meet those requirements. I would like to formally commend an individual for exemplifying what I will call “Contractor Care Awareness”. He is Greg Kohlberg, General Foreman for Helmkamp Construction. As the GeneralForeman on the “A” Building ADA Ramp project, Greg Kohlberg not only meets Monsanto’s safety requirements, he continuously exceeds them.Through his initiative and foresight, he has remained one step ahead on safety by taking extra measures to prevent potential hazards.”

John Martine, Jr., Project Manager, Monsanto Corporate Services


“The department shutdown went very well thanks to the expertise and dedication of the Helmkamp work force.John Brewer and Mike Terry were instrumental in getting the work completed. They were very helpfulin the suggestions they brought forth and kept the shutdown progressing. The shutdown was long and very laborious, but John and Mike kept crews focused and working safely and efficiently. Helmkamp continues to work in a direction that is best for their customer and doing things correctly.

The quality and workmanship exhibited by all members of the crews was exceptional. I worked with both crews and was shown a good sense of teamwork and skill. Everyone kept moving along and working very smart. They endured the long hours and still, for the most part, kept their sense of humor. Please pass along my thanks as I surely appreciated the efforts and pride put forth. The shutdown would have been a complete failure without the dedication and work ethics of all the crew members.

Finally, I want to thank John Brewer for all his effort. John had vision in what to look out for and utilized his many years of experience to the advantage of the project team. John is a great asset and should not be taken for granted. John was constantly looking for ways to move the job forward and minimize the shutdown duration. The department started up without any issues and this can attribute to the
leadership that John provided.”

Glenn D. Grgeskowiak, Astaris


“I just wanted to say “Thank You” for your performance while working at the Carondelet site. It is because of all the work that you put into safety that assures that the worker that comes onto our site is able to go home to their family. I know there are others that have contributed to this and as we move on from job to job the need will always be there for a safe working environment.”

Rich Miller, Contractor Guest Safety, Astaris


“It has been a pleasure working with Helmkamp throughout the years. I have always held Helmkamp In the highest regard. Partnering is a buzz word people tend to banter about, but we practiced that concept in its truest form. Throughout the years we have established a level of trust that few owners/contractors enjoy. Friendship, trust and quality are the keys to our successful relationship.

I am a firm believer in Helmkamp’s integrity and have been able to demonstrate to others Helmkamp’s commitment to honest, safe, quality construction. That commitment has made my job much easier promoting Helmkamp’s attributes.”

Richard Nelson, Solutia,Inc.