Pumps & Laser Alignment



Helmkamp has worked on several hundred pumps of various types, shapes, and sizes over the course of the last decade!

We have been performing pump maintenance, pump replacements, pump overhauls, pump grouting, pump foundations, installing new suction cans, installing adapter plates to fit spare pumps, replacing sole plates, replacing seals, and completing alignments/pipe strain/vibration analysis.

Our personnel are trained and we utilize 2 different brands of lasers; Rotalign and Vibralign.

Each project has its own unique set of challenges and can be very different from prior or similar projects.  These challenges include:

  • Changing work environments along with location and age of the plant or
  • Coordination for lock out/tag out, blinding, air-monitoring, & process control
  • Work can occur during normal operations or under turnaround
  • Fall hazards and hoisting conditions while working on elevated decks or 20’ deep excavations and handling pumps of all different shapes and sizes. Some weighing more than 60,000 lbs. and lengths greater than 50’.

Challenging projects are welcomed and an everyday part of our business at Helmkamp Construction Company. Our personnel are used to dealing with; tough schedules, tight work sites, multiple shifts, special tools, unique lift plans, extreme safety planning, and usually less than ideal working conditions.

THANK YOU if you have utilized our services in the past. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you well into the future! If you haven’t utilized our services please feel free to give us a try on your next project.

Please remember Helmkamp Construction Company for complete turnkey installations or routine maintenance and alignment when planning your next pump project!

We want to be your partner in delivering quality projects safely, on time, and within budget! We have been building relationships since 1938!