What is the largest project you have completed?

This question gets asked of us many times throughout the year from existing customers as well as new customers. The simple answer is $45 million.

The reality is that each project is unique and this question can be answered in many different ways depending on what’s important to the person asking.  Such as:


  • What was the duration of the project? 36 months, approx. $1.25million/mo.
  • Was the majority or the project subcontracted or self-performed? Self-performed, approx. 300,000 mhrs.
  • What was the SF of the project or critical elements of the project, i.e. how much concrete, steel, rebar, pieces of equipment, etc.? 33,000cyds of concrete, 2,700 auger cast pile, 4,200 anchor bolts, 6.3million lbs. of rebar
  • What was the surrounding environment for the project? e. open space, existing facilities, brown or green field, public exposure, existing operational exposure, other contractors working nearby, etc.?  Inside an operating power plant bordered by a lake and many access restrictions.  In the Midwest through many weather extremes.  Many Contractors working on the project, overall project was over 10X our scope costs.
  • What type of owner was the project completed for? Private Power Generating Company that we have a 50+ year relationships with.


Challenging projects are welcomed and an everyday part of our business at Helmkamp Construction Company.  Our personnel are used to dealing with; tough schedules, tight work sites, multiple shifts, special tools, unique lift plans, extreme safety planning, and usually less than ideal working conditions.

THANK YOU if you have utilized our services in the past.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with you well into the future!  If you haven’t utilized our services please feel free to give us a try on your next project.

Please remember Helmkamp Construction Company when planning your next construction project!

We want to be your partner in delivering quality projects safely, on time, and within budget! We have been building relationships since 1938!